We’re closing the Envato Video app

Today we have decided the hit stop on the Envato Video app. While this is a tough decision, we know it is the right one for Envato.

When we started work on the project in the second half of last year, we were excited about the prospect of making VideoHive templates available to a wider audience. It was an ambitious and innovative project, and while we have certainly made a lot of progress, it looks like a longer journey than we had hoped.

The team did some great work (building a unique Blender rendering engine) and enabled people to create some pretty cool videos - most notably the Santa video! We had some fun, and learnt a lot.

One of the awesome things about working at Envato is that we get to work on such projects, however it also means we need to make the tough call when needed. And while much of the work we were doing in this space was experimental, we set out some goals and a timeline that we thought would indicate the potential for Envato Video. We think there is potential, however we are better to focus on other initiatives at the moment.

For the creators who came on the journey with us, thank you. And for those who used the app, we hope you enjoyed it.

While we have removed the app from the App Store, you are still able to access your videos via the app. For the next week you will also be able to download any videos you created at no cost - so go grab them.