The Final Mile: Join us & finish what you started

One summer, many years ago now, I stayed home while my family went on holiday.

Back then, I worked for a company that shut down between Christmas and New Year.

I was required back in the office early in January. Wanting a longer break, my wife and son took a trip somewhere while I stayed at home. I was a junior developer, hoping to make my mark and we’d just moved into our home. We had no furniture yet.

That week, on a Dell laptop sat upon an unhinged door resting on two saw horses, I knocked out my first side project.

The idea had been in my head for a while. A web app for recording and then tracking the phases of a business process.

It started innocently enough. On day one I thought I’d sit down for a few hours and play around. I did too. For 10 hours a day, six days straight.

It wasn’t perfect, it didn’t do everything I thought it might or could, but it worked! I showed it around work and people used it! I was hooked.

Finishing what you start

The thrill of seeing come alive never left me and since then I’ve been a habitual side project starter. I’ve even finished some...

What tends to happen is that a flash of inspiration hits me for a product or app that the world simply must have.

In a flurry of excitement I haphazardly code and design and fart about until I realise that what I have is half cool, but the last push, that final mile I need to travel in order to make it live, is a bridge too far.

To get it over the line, I need a few days to work on it, all day and into the night, uninterrupted.

So I have a Drop Box cluttered with half finished projects and a bunch of domain renewal emails that remind me; With four kids these days (and a preference for holidaying WITH them!) I never make that time.

Until now! This year I’ve started a couple of side projects. What about you?!

Let's go the Final Mile

In November I’m calling it. One of them is going live.

I’m going to put aside a whole weekend and call it a retreat. I’m going to lock myself in at Envato headquarters for all my waking hours and I’ll finish it. Finish it! Finish it!

If it turns out perfect, it’s going live. If it’s not quite there, it’s going live. If I’m living and breathing on Sunday night, IT’S GOING LIVE!

It occurs to me that there are a few other people like me in this old Melbourne town. Some people who could use a weekend like that to finish off a side project they can be proud of, if only because it’s finished.

Why don’t you join me and let's get those projects finished by supporting each other.

Join me on the weekend of 27-29 November at Envato for The Final Mile

You'll get an inspiring workspace, wifi, moral support, food, coffee, guest speakers to keep you on track, social media buzz for your idea and more.

Register to take part!