Meet Envato’s WordPress Evangelist

WordPress has been a significant factor in Envato’s creation and growth for nearly a decade.

We’ve recently hired a new WordPress Evangelist to work even more closely with the WordPress community worldwide, and help us at Envato understand what matters most to creators and users in that remarkable network of people.

We asked James to introduce himself.

Hi everyone! My name is James Giroux and I recently joined Envato as the new WordPress Evangelist. I'm so excited to be here.

WordPress is a huge passion of mine. I’ve been to a lot of WordPress events over the years. What I find everywhere I go are designers, developers and users of all skill levels, each committed to supporting each other and growing together.

In a word, it's community.

The community is what drives WordPress forward and what has helped it become the preferred website platform for 25% of those people currently online.

I love that Envato, both directly and indirectly, has played a tremendous role in the growth and development of the WordPress community. I firmly believe that there is so much more that WordPress and Envato can do together.

So, as I think about what it means to me to represent this community within Envato, a few things come to mind.

The first is that there are many compelling stories to tell. Envato WordPress creatives from all over the world have done some truly innovative things to enhance the experience of everyday users. I want to find and help tell those stories in the WordPress community.

As Envato grows, it continues to learn more about the ways people build and use WordPress. Those lessons have produced invaluable insights for the WordPress community - ideas and opportunities that could shape future core development.

Finally, technology is always changing, and new ways of doing things are continuously on the horizon. The WordPress REST API, for example, will open up a whole new world of possibilities for developers and designers. I want to see Envato doing everything it can to support the community as we all 'learn JavaScript deeply.'

These are exciting times for the web. WordPress and Envato together are an incredible team for the future.

I'm looking forward to meeting and interacting with people in the WordPress community and the Envato community. I'd love to meet you at an event, contribute to your blog, or hang out on your podcast.

I'll see some of you at Pressnomics this March, with other Envato team members and contributors!

And don't forget, you've still got a couple of days left to win a ticket (there's two up for grabs in our community contest).

In the meantime, follow me on Twitter @jamesgiroux to stay in touch.