Marketplace Usability & Design Changes


This week you will start to see the beginnings of some redesigns we've been making to Envato Market.

We want to make finding and buying items easier and more consistent. So...

What you'll see this week


We've gotten rid of the categories drop down menu and replaced it with much a more accessible and familiar top level category drop down menu. You'll also notice that we've made it easier to find popular items for each major category.

We've implemented a new tool bar to make accessing your profile, account details and settings easier.


It's now easier to search by category.


We've made it easier for new visitors and members to know what each Marketplace does, with a site switcher.


The content hierarchy has been improved on item pages - breadcrumbs are in a more logical place and titles have been moved and are no longer duplicated.


And there's more to come! Here's what we're working on now or have planned:

  • Further tweaks to the category drop downs
  • Better placement of the - Item Details | FAQs | Comments links on the item pages
  • Cleaning up buttons and labels
  • Substantial changes to the homepage
  • Improved full screen previews
  • Streamlined sign-up process ...and much more!

We've taken onboard feedback from our buyers and authors in making these changes, and we hope you like them. They've been tested on UsabilityHub as we've gone along, and there's new tracking features in place to monitor and assess the performance of these changes as we roll them out.

We're excited to see this improvements come to fruition and we hope you all are too!

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