Layers for WordPress tops 100K downloads

Back in March Envato partnered with the talented developers at Obox Themes to offer their WordPress site builder Layers exclusively through our creative market.

We're excited to announce that Layers themes, which make it quick and easy to build gorgeous websites, has already surpassed 100,000 downloads - and it's climbing every day.

We asked its creators what they think is driving its popularity.

Marc & David Perel of Obox

Sean Park Ross, Chief Strategist at Obox:

With Layers we're not really looking at fly-by-night trends, rather long term website building methods and strategies which incorporate sound design principles.

These methods have been proven over and over to work for the modern web and we provide them in a package suited to both novice and advanced users.

Why Wordpress?

Marc Perel, Co-Founder of Obox Themes:

The ace up WordPress' sleeve is, and always has been, community.

Being open source and inherently customizable, the answer to the question "can WordPress do that?" is yes, 99 times out of 100. Our aim is just to make it easier and faster to do it, and with better results.

Layers too is fully open source, free, customizable and extendable and we work hard on our documentation and community forums to make sure that we're delivering a great experience to developers and designers worldwide.

Met the Envato community yet?

What are you noticing about how people are using Layers?

David Perel, Co-Founder of Obox:

Layers has already been used to build hundreds of gorgeous live websites, many of them starting with themes and style kits from Envato. Freelancers and web development agencies have also got behind the platform, many using it as the default framework for all of their site development because of it's ease-of-use and flexibility.

Give it a whirl & download Layers

Since Layers is such a fast web development tool, agencies have also started using it for their initial wire-framing process too. Once approved, the wireframe itself can be taken forward, still in Layers, to the finished site.

And with the fast growing pool of extensions on Envato Market, if there is something that isn't supported in Layers out-the-box there's often another solution ready-to-go.

Layers themes in action

Obox maintain a Pinterest board of Layers content for further inspiration.

Here's to the next 100,000 downloads!

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