Kicking Off Design Party

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African proverb

Design Party is the result of an evolution in our thinking towards design. Spearheaded by the Envato Market design team, this event involved staff from all parts of Envato to learn and practice design thinking. Developers, product managers, community, support, legal, marketing. We want to involve everyone.

Our goal is to foster design thinking at Envato in order to go further than we possibly can as individual designers dispersed across teams.

The introductory topic "Design is for everyone" demystified the design process by illustrating and running through it step-by-step:

First we watched some user interview outtakes to empathise with our users around the problem of content discovery. We collate all our user interviews in a Trello board named the User Feedback Video Library, which is completely searchable and accessible to all Envato staff.

Trello board containing videos of user interviews conducted by Envato Market UX Designers

Next we defined the problem and started brainstorming some ideas on how to tackle the problem. No drawing skills required! Everyone got to communicate their idea whichever way they felt comfortable. Words on paper, wireframes, mockups, storyboards. There is no right or wrong way. A timebox of 10 minutes was used to initiate quick and fast ideas without the need to finesse on the details. These ideas were then added to a Trello board.

Participants joined into groups and talked through their ideas in their team. Freely stealing ideas from other teams was encouraged. After all, it’s not about pride or ego. It’s about delivering the best solution to your defined problem.

Trello board containing 40 designs that were ideated in our first session

At the end of the session each team presented their idea to the rest of the audience. Almost 40 designs were ideated in our first session, which just goes to show that everyone can be involved in the design thinking process if given the right encouragement. The next session will explore these initial designs further by the group producing low-fi prototypes and subsequently testing them to see if they are viable.

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