Introducing Envato Elite


One of the fun parts of being a seller on Envato is watching your rates go up as you sell. It's like a reward system built into your sales process so that not only are you selling more, but you are making more per sale.

That's pretty cool, but once you hit $75,000 of sales, you're going to reach the cap of 70% of every sale.

So what happens next?

Well today we're rolling out a new program to provide achievement, status and reward off into the upper stratosphere of sales!

Our new program is called Envato Elite and aims to reward the best of the best authors here on the Envato Marketplaces with some very cool, useful and just plain fun achievements.

They range from access to a new pricing adjustment system to ad campaigns for authors' files to superbowl-style Elite rings all the way up to first class tickets to Melbourne from anywhere in the world and special ceremonies in your honor.

There are over 80 authors who qualify for Envato Elite status, and shortly we'll be sending out an email to all of them to arrange their various rewards.

We're applying them all retroactively so the real high achievers like Kriesi will have lots of stuff coming to them all at once! In fact a special word should go out to Kriesi who was the inspiration for Envato Elite.

I'm fairly certain he's going to be the first past the golden $1,000,000 post, and I'm really looking forward to celebrating that massive milestone when it happens!

So head over to and check out the details of this exciting new addition to Envato community life!

More Information

  • Exclusivity is not a prerequisite for membership. You can be a non-exclusive author and still be a part of this exciting program!

  • Price Adjustment is a very exciting new tool that we're introducing to Elite authors to recognize the brands and followings they have built, allowing them to charge a small premium above the regular files. You can find details of how it works in the terms and conditions on the Envato Elite site, and qualifying authors will be emailed with more details about how to use the system.

  • We will be applying the rewards retroactively, so anyone who has already passed an achievement level will receive its benefits.

  • Authors who have qualified will receive an email in the next week explaining the next steps (for things like specifying t-shirt sizes, changing prices, nominating files to be advertised etc). If you don't receive the email by the end of next week, please let our support crew know.

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