Halloween at Envato's Melbourne Office 2014

Trick or Treat! While the U.S are having a big sleep in preparation for Halloween, here in Australia, Halloween is already in full swing. Like I mentioned last year, Halloween isn’t a big thing here in Australia, but at Envato, we will take any excuse to dress up!

The marketing team as characters from Mad Man! It's a brave choice given the hot weather today.
image The pony-express team were true to their name! It's Spring Racing Carnival here in Melbourne, which means there’s a lot of horse races on—in particular, the Melbourne Cup, which is on Tuesday. So, extra points for topicality!
image Myki is the card used to get around Melbourne on public transport (It's similar to London's Oyster Card). Complaining about Myki is as Melbourne as drinking coffee. Ben pulls it off nicely.

image Selina is our resident reality show nut, which extends to knowing way too much about the Kardashians. Selina’s costume inspiration is from Kim’s dress at the 2013 MET ball, which received a lot of “news” coverage.
image Kiki as Elsa from Frozen. She's been singing and dancing all day!
image Briany has some mad make up skills paired with a classic 404 gag!
image I’m pretty sure Nat could be a butterfly full time if she wanted to be!

There's a heap more photos from the day! You can see them on our Flickr account!

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