Celebrating Halloween at Envato, a Photo Essay

by Josh Janssen, Writer, Photographer, Social Guy.

The Envato Team dresses up for Halloween

Here in Australia, Halloween isn’t generally a big deal. In fact, it wouldn’t be uncommon to go through the whole evening without seeing a single trick-or-treater. But despite our headquarters being in Melbourne, we're a global company. With staff around the world, we jump on any occasion to have a good time! So, hello lollies (or should I say candy) and hello costumes; it’s Halloween at Envato!

The day kicked off with our Business Intelligence team creeping stealthily around the office. As you'd expect from a team with 'Intelligence' in their name, these guys came prepared. After a team video session watching YouTube tutorials on ninja costume creation, they switched to team air kicking practice.

Team BI & IT hit up the ninja costumes

The words “50 Shades of Grey” when talking about work costume ideas would have most people running to H.R. Bec from our marketing team came up with a Pantone version that was both smart and appropriate. Double points.

Bec wears fifty shades of grey

One of the scariest costumes of the day goes to Amber from H.R. The Joker—A homage to Heath Ledger's character in Dark Knight.

Amber scares everyone on the middle floor

Our soon-to-be-married Comms officer Selina got into the Halloween spirit, while still somehow managing to stay wedding themed.

Soon to be married Selina tries out an alternative wedding outfit

Jo from H.R tries to impress the Internet by dressing up as a cat. She took the whole "being a cat" to another level. This is her hissing at me with the legal team's agile board in the background.

Hissing is not normally part of HR

That's me, in the gorilla costume, sweating like a pig while trying to eat Matt from Microlancer. I may also be the only gorilla to have ever worn a swipe card.

I attempt to get some free lunch

Somehow I went through most of the day without realising that this was our CEO, Collis. Thanks to his poor peripheral vision he was also seen to walk into his own office door. Fortunately costume wearing is not a criteria for running Envato.

Collis creeps out

Our team around the world also got into the spirit of the day. Here's Josh and Kelley from the Tuts+ team, completely outshining the rest of us!

Josh & Kelley from across the globe

Halloween 2013 was a blast, festivities were up, productivity was down, and it was just another day running the world's best creative ecosystem.

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