Envato Meetups

Envato Meetups are self-organized events for members of the Envato community.

Whether you’re an author on Envato Market, a client on Envato Studio, or a learner on Tuts+, get together, talk shop, trade war stories, make new friends and see the faces behind the avatars.

They can be casual, coffee-shop get togethers or epic full day events. It’s up to you.

Upcoming Envato Meetups

Past Envato Meetups

How do you get started? Just follow these easy steps.

  1. Read through our Envato Meetup Guidelines

  2. Set-up your Envato Meetup page on nvite
    Pick a venue, add a date, and publish your meetup.

  3. Promote your Envato Meetup
    Now that your meetup’s preparation is tracking along nicely, it’s time to spread the word! Tweet about your meetup using #EnvatoMeetups and we’ll help out by promoting the meetup on our @envato Twitter account and posting it on our Inside Envato blog.

  4. Request a Meetup kit
    Once you have an estimate of how many people you expect to attend your meetup, and have completed steps one and two, it’s time to request your meetup kit. The kit contains Envato laptop stickers, badges, and nametags. You will need to let us know 5 weeks prior to your meetup so we have time to get it to you all the way from Envato’s headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

  5. Send us photos and a story to wrap-up
    Send us a story about your meetup as well as some photos of the attendees to meetups@envato.com.

Learn anything new, or something amazing happened? Share!

We’ll do our best to spread the story of your meetup across our global Envato network.

We’re here to help! Get in touch if you need assistance setting up your first Envato meetup at meetups@envato.com

In January 2015 all meetups being promoted on our blog Inside Envato will be transferred over to our shiny new ‘Upcoming Meetups’ page on envato.com.

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