It's a Wrap! Envato Hanoi Meetup

Be inspired as much as we are by the Envato Hanoi meetup that took place on the 26th January 2015. It's one of the first community run meetups to take place as part of our new global meetup program. A big thank you to the organisers for sharing.

Envato Hanoi Meetup

"We really had a great time together, we shared lots of helpful information and knowledge such as: How to make good content for your item, how to do marketing for an existing item on Envato, looking for a partner or make your own team, How to get your item approved on Envato, How to support your customers effectively".

Thong Tran, Meetup Organiser

Talking shop

Making new friends

Great location - Helio Coffee, Hanoi

Envato Meetup Kit

Looking for a Envato meetup or to host an Envato meetup in your area? It's easy! Pop over to our meetup pages! Boom! You're on your way.

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