Envato goes to Parliament


Parliament House, by Michael Dawes

Last week PayPal organised a series of meetings and a morning tea event in Canberra, to talk with ministers, senators and advisors from both sides of the Australian Parliament about eCommerce in Australia.

PayPal selected three merchants to showcase as examples of Australian eCommerce innovation:

Jodie Fox, co-founder of Shoes of Prey - design your own ladies' shoes from over four trillion possible combinations of heels, toes, colour and materials, then have them hand crafted and delivered to your door;

Paul Greenberg, co-founder of Deals Direct, online retail for small families from middle Australia that ‘love a bargain’;

and since I’ve been reliable informed that the ‘e’ in eCommerce is an abbreviation for Envato, we were here representing and making sure we are doing our bit.

Boy was I glad I found an old suit that still fits - this was a different league! I met with:

  • Malcolm Turnbull, Member of Parliament - Shadow Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

  • Bruce Billson, Member of Parliament - Shadow Minister for Small Business, Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs Senior Advisor to Senator Stephen Conroy - Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

  • Senator Nicholas Sherry - Minister for Small Business

This was the first round of meetings organised with government so it was more of a meet and greet, describing operations in each of our respective businesses and discussing issues related to financial legislation in the context of ensuring eCommerce is supported in Australia.

Big business carefully liaises with government with an eye to the future. Large companies have sophisticated long-term government strategies. But as a small(er) business this isn’t beyond our view either.

There are some bright minds at work in government! I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. I normally have difficulty remembering all the Envato sites let alone explaining what we do, so I was surprised the ministers, senators and advisers could rapidly sum up our operations a mere two minutes after I opened my mouth.

~ Vahid Ta'eed

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