Recent downtime issues on Envato

If you've been using our network of websites lately, you will have noticed we've been experiencing some technical issues.

Since July 1, Envato has been the target of a sustained DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. The attacker, whose motive and identity are unknown, has repeatedly flooded our servers with high levels of traffic, causing our services to be unavailable at various times.

Most recently, Envato Market was unavailable for approximately three hours on Friday night (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and again for about an hour on Sunday night (AEST).

We know that many of our community members and customers rely on Envato to be available and we're very sorry that this hasn't been consistently the case lately.

This is the largest incident of this type Envato has experienced and although we've been able to successfully restore service each time, our response times could have been even faster. So, while working to mitigate the attack, we've implemented changes to:

  • Improve our internal response processes to streamline communication and ensure a dedicated team for this issue is available to respond at all times;
  • Improve how we coordinate with our hosting and DDoS mitigation service providers; and
  • Fast-track planned technical upgrades to our mitigation services.

We'll continue to review our systems and processes and make improvements where possible, but we're now better placed than ever before to detect and deal with attacks of this nature.

That said, it's hard to predict what we'll come up against in the coming days and weeks and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Please know that your data is safe and we are fully committed to mitigating the situation and minimizing future unplanned downtime.

We'll continue to share updates on our community forums and via our dedicated Envato help Twitter account @envato_help.

Thanks again for your support!

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