Made By: Cameron Moll, Founder of Authentic Jobs

Cameron Moll is the founder of Authentic Jobs, a job board for web professionals, and the creator of letterpress type posters called “Structures in Type.” He’s also just been featured in the latest episode of our Made By video series.

Where Cameron calls home with his wife and five sons isn’t exactly the tech hub of the world. Actually, Sarasota isn’t even the tech hub of Florida. “It’s a retirement town,” he says, but that certainly hasn’t affected his ability to engage with the tech community.

Regarding his poster series, he initially saw some 5x7 postcards by Justin LaFontaine that depicted images of things like an elephant and Big Ben created out of nothing but letters and numbers. He found the concept fascinating. So much so, he contacted the artist who gave him some tips about how to accomplish these works of art.

“...I sat down in front of Illustrator and started doing it, and found that it was incredibly challenging,” he says. But that didn’t stop him. “Trying stuff I [am] totally unqualified for and trying to make it work...” is what has “...defined who I’ve been up to this point,” he adds.

When he’s not working on his latest artwork, Cameron is spending time with his family. A week is often populated by soccer practices and anywhere from two to five soccer games each weekend.

But being driven is just a way of life for him. “Part of me wants to take advantage of whatever time I have to produce, to be a father, to be a husband, to be a business owner, so I feel an obligation to make the most of every day,” he says. It’s not all about any one thing for him. But for anything Cameron sets his mind to, he’s all in.

“My kids keep asking me to help them develop a mobile app and I have no idea how to do that,” he says with a smile. While he could’ve designed some screens for it, he had no idea how to code it. So he presented them with a proposal: learn how to develop an app together. “We’re trying to learn Swift together,” he says, “I figure if I can learn it they can learn it at the same time.” And at some time they might develop an app together.

Which leads Cameron to bring up a topic near and dear to many creatives: work-life balance. “I find it tough to balance everything because I don’t know if it’s possible to achieve balance,” he says.  Instead, he sets a list of priorities for himself, with family claiming the top spot.

A big part of his life in design has required an ability to roll with the punches. Thinking in terms of priorities over balance allows him to shift his focus so that if he’s at a conference one weekend, he can put all of his attention on that but when he gets back home, it’s all about family again.

“That allows me to juggle the amount of stuff on my plate at any given time knowing that the long-term priorities are set and I just have to deal with what the short-term priorities are,” he says.

But why don’t you check out what Cameron Moll has to say for himself? Watch the latest video in our Made By series now:

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