Back in the Driver's Seat

by Collis Ta'eed, CEO, Founder, Reformed Web Designer.

As the CEO of Envato, it has been amazing to watch the transformation of the Marketplaces in the last 18 months. What started out as a small start-up team struggling to keep up with the pace of growth, has turned into a powerhouse of over a hundred staff, who have started to really churn out some fantastic results.

This is due in no small part of Marketplaces General Manager, Helen Souness. Helen has done an amazing job of choosing and developing an amazing team, who are now ready to fire on all cylinders.

After a few years overseeing the Marketplaces one step removed as CEO, I have decided I need to take the reigns back and drive the Marketplaces into the future. Helen is stepping aside to allow me to do so. So from now on I will be leading the Marketplaces and the team directly.

Once again I’d like to express my gratitude to Helen for all her hard work. I also have to say I am really excited to be back behind the Marketplaces wheel. I’m going to be revving the engine, to see just how good we can make the Marketplaces in the next 1, 2 and 3 years. I’m hoping we can really kick some butt and make the Marketplaces even better for the community!!

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