From Melbourne to the Beaches of Bali: Thriving as a Remote Developer

Andrew Humphrey, a.k.a. “Humpy”, is a Web Infrastructure Architect at Envato. He lived a normal life just outside Melbourne, Australia with his wife, Katrina, »

The Transformative Effects of Reading + Elon Musk's Reading List

Photo by Amanda Tipton. In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t read all the »

Envato in 2014

The Envato community has come a long way over the previous year. To celebrate their achievements we created our 2014 Year in Review, a beautiful page »

Founder Stories: Hannah Wolfe, CTO of Ghost

Hannah Wolfe speaking at Great British Node Conf in 2013. Photo by David Cruz. Hannah Wolfe is the CTO and co-founder of Ghost, an open source »

Envato Stories: Sharon Milne

Sharon Milne (AKA ChewedKandi) is the Tuts+ Design & Illustrations Editor at Envato. She lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United Kingdom and has been »

How We Reset 4 Million Passwords

by Natasha Postolovski. Illustration by eightbit on Envato Studio. In May of this year, Envato required every one of its ~4 million users to do a »

From Front-end to Full Stack

Stuart Richardson is a Developer who made the leap from focusing only on the front-end to working with the full stack (front-end and back-end). He now »

Growing Gender Diversity at Envato

by Natasha Postolovski. Writer, maker, programmer. Today, we're releasing gender diversity figures for Envato. We've been inspired by a growing movement among US-based startups and tech »

How Freelancing is Changing

Photo by Asher Isbrucker. Freelancing is a time-worn practice. The first written mention of the word appears in the historical novel Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott, »

Rise of the Million Dollar Plugin Makers (Infographic)

by Natasha Postolovski. Writer, maker, traveler. I believe we’re now seeing the same gold rush for premium plugins as we did with premium themes a »

Justin French on Maintaining a Wildly Popular Open Source Plugin

by Justin French & Natasha Postolovski. Justin French heads up the Design & UX team at Envato. In addition to being a product mastermind, Justin is »

Hemingway: A Text Editor That Cares About What You Write

by Natasha Postolovski. Writer, coder, traveler. “Write the best story that you can and write it as straight as you can.” Ernest Hemingway I first discovered »

What Happens When a Company Worth $5bn Clones Your Product?

by Natasha Postolovski. Writer, maker, traveler. Like many this week, we followed the story of CYNK Technologies with interest. The company rose from six cents a »

Elite Authors Speak: Top Tips For Success

by Natasha Postolovski. Writer, maker, traveler. At Envato Live in Chicago we had the privilege of listening to five Elite Authors share some of their top »

Staying Productive as a Creative: Tips from Envato Live

by Natasha Postolovski. Writer, maker, traveler. We had a fantastic time at Envato Live in Chicago earlier this month (see some photos from the day). Throughout »

The Future of WordPress

Photo by Serge Kij. There’s one thing that we can all agree on: the future of WordPress is bright. Outside of this, the ever-passionate WordPress »

Why Startups Are Good for Open Source

By Natasha Postolovski, writer, maker, traveller. The relationship between startups and open source is more complex and intertwined than ever before. Startups use open source platforms »

Founders, Travel and Epic Beards: What Happens After Envato

By Jordan McNamara, Community Builder, Gamer, Kitten-lover. Ex-Envato'ers have gone on to become startup founders, world travelers, and to work at some of Sillicon Valley's brightest »

The Way We Build The Web is Changing

By Natasha Postolovski, writer, maker, traveller. Front-end development exists in a constant state of evolution. It has hurtled through several distinct eras: from tables to stylesheets, »

Marketplace Usability & Design Changes

This week you will start to see the beginnings of some redesigns we've been making to Envato Market. We want to make finding and buying items »