3 Tips For Getting Started With GTD

You may remember Adrian Fittolani from the time we followed him on his morning run to the Envato office. Aside from his impressive physical endurance, he »

Envato Stories: Sukianto Tan

The latest video in the Envato Stories series features Sukianto 'Suki' Tan, a passionate designer and provider on Envato Studio. Suki tells his story from his »

How Developers Can Use Their Skills To Help Bridge The Gender Gap

The gender divide in the tech world, particularly in web development, is well documented. Many in the industry have been working to address the issue. From »

Envato Stories: Calin Teodorescu

In this latest addition to the Envato Stories series we head to the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria to meet Calin Teodorescu, long-time Envato community member »

How We Reset 4 Million Passwords

by Natasha Postolovski. Illustration by eightbit on Envato Studio. In May of this year, Envato required every one of its ~4 million users to do a »

Envato Stories: Chris Zammit (Zlaws)

by Josh Janssen. Writer, photographer, social guy. In this episode of Envato Stories we visit the beautiful island of Malta to meet Chris Zammit, known as »

Envato Stories: Jarel and Kai Loon

by Josh Janssen. Writer, photographer, social guy. In the newest episode of Envato Stories we travel to steamy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to catch up with Jarel »

From Front-end to Full Stack

Stuart Richardson is a Developer who made the leap from focusing only on the front-end to working with the full stack (front-end and back-end). He now »

An Envato Documentary: Kai Brach, Offscreen Magazine

by Josh Janssen. Writer, photographer, social guy. With a two-person crew, we set out to tell the story of a Melbourne-based creative that inspires us. Kai »

Envato Stories: Isabel Castillo Guijarro (Isabelmdd)

by Josh Janssen. Writer, photographer, social guy. In the latest episode of Envato Stories we head to the Big Apple to meet Isabel Castillo Guijarro a »

Growing Gender Diversity at Envato

Today, we're releasing gender diversity figures for Envato. We've been inspired by a growing movement among US-based startups and tech companies to make these figures public »

Envato Stories: Andy Wilkerson (Parallelus)

by Josh Janssen. Writer, photographer, social guy. In this episode of Envato Stories we meet ThemeForest Power Elite author Andy Wilkerson (Parallelus) at his home in »

Envato Stories: Rizki Ratria (r4pro)

by Josh Janssen. Writer, photographer, social guy. In this episode of Envato Stories we meet Rizki Ratria in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rizki does illustration work on Envato »

Envato Stories: David Appleyard

by Josh Janssen. Writer, photographer, social guy. Our next Envato Stories episode takes us to the rain-drenched and picturesque town of Shrewsbury in the UK. Here »

How Freelancing is Changing

Photo by Asher Isbrucker. Freelancing is a time-worn practice. The first written mention of the word appears in the historical novel Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott »

Envato Stories: Muhammad Haris, Themefusion

In the latest Envato Stories video we travel to Lahore, Pakistan to meet Muhammad Haris. Muhammad is a WordPress developer and Power Elite author ($1+ million »

Rise of the Million Dollar Plugin Makers (Infographic)

by Natasha Postolovski. Writer, maker, traveler. I believe we’re now seeing the same gold rush for premium plugins as we did with premium themes a »

Envato Stories: Unipen

Earlier this year we sent two Envato staff, Josh and Naysan, around the world in 80 days. They took with them a video camera, a tripod »

Justin French on Maintaining a Wildly Popular Open Source Plugin

by Justin French & Natasha Postolovski. Justin French heads up the Design & UX team at Envato. In addition to being a product mastermind, Justin is »

Envato Studio: Project "Sharing the Love"

by Josh Janssen, Writer, Photographer, Social Guy. Envato Studio is a marketplace for connecting creative talent with people who need jobs done. The team recently debuted »